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11 tips to market yourself as a beat producer and sell beats online Want to sell beats online? Do you want to become better known as a beat producer? Do you need more attention as a musician? Are too few people talking about your band? Then this article is just right for you, because here you will learn the 11 hottest tips to become more famous and successful as a beat producer and sell beats online more frequently. The 11 hottest tips to become more famous as a beat producer  Now that the days are finally getting warmer, here come the 11 hottest tips to become more famous as a beat producer. Learn how to get yourself and your beats more in the spotlight here. And of course, these are also a lot of valuable tips for musicians and bands to pull out. 1. Create logo Just like with a…    read more 

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This is a guide where to sell beats online Do you wondering where to sell beats and get profit for your work? Maybe… this is exactly where you are…. You create fat beats, have gained experience in producing, get positive feedback from your circle of friends and now want to start to sell your beats online. Before you waste your time doing research on the Internet, we have listed a few ways in this article to help you move forward faster. It should be clear from the start whether you want to sell an exclusive license or a non-exclusive license. Non-exclusive license is equivalent to renting. Multiple artists can use and upload the same beat. With an exclusive license, the beat is only sold to one person. This person then has the sole rights to this beat. For this reason, exclusive licenses are sold more expensive than non-exclusive licenses. You…    read more 


Do your hip hop beats not yet sound as fat as you imagined? Have you only produced songs from other music genres so far and would now like to try your hand at hip hop? Or is beat producing still completely new territory for you? Then this article should give you a few practical tips to avoid classic mistakes when producing hip hop beats. 1. choosing the right software (DAW – Digital Audio Workstation) (bild – logo sammlung software) The digital age brought about a change in the music industry. A curse for some, a blessing for others, because suddenly many musicians had the opportunity to realize their musical ideas. One was no longer dependent on the expensive analog technology of the big recording studios. Today, with a PC or laptop and the right software, you can get into the production of hip hop beats at low cost. In the…    read more