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where to sell beats

This is a guide where to sell beats online

Do you wondering where to sell beats and get profit for your work? Maybe… this is exactly where you are…. You create fat beats, have gained experience in producing, get positive feedback from your circle of friends and now want to start to sell your beats online.

Before you waste your time doing research on the Internet, we have listed a few ways in this article to help you move forward faster.

It should be clear from the start whether you want to sell an exclusive license or a non-exclusive license.

Non-exclusive license is equivalent to renting. Multiple artists can use and upload the same beat. With an exclusive license, the beat is only sold to one person. This person then has the sole rights to this beat. For this reason, exclusive licenses are sold more expensive than non-exclusive licenses.

You should consider whether you can rent a beat 20 times for 20 dollars instead of selling it exclusively for 200 euros. It is important that you do not sell your art below the value. After the first few sales you will get a better sense of the value of your beats. Especially since the quality from beat to beat is usually getting better and better.

Enough talked about. Now it goes straight to the sales platforms.

Beat selling Platforms 


The now largest beat selling website is Beatstars. It is free of charge (up to 10 beats) and can be upgraded to a pro version, which guarantees you many advantages. For example, you have the opportunity to write an infinite number of messages to others in the community, because this is actually very important to keep in touch with artists and to build new relationships. In addition, you own 100% of your earnings, you can upload as many beats as you want, place your own advertising (Why you should use advertising for your beats?), Create individual offers and analyze sales statistics.


The first serious competition to Beatstars is Airbit. Ultimately, it offers the same functions, is clear and also suitable for beginners. Unfortunately, there is no free version of Airbit.


Sound engine is currently still unknown than Beatstars and Airbit. The biggest difference is that you can create your own page to sell your beats. Unfortunately, there is also no free version here, but a demo version can be tested.


Allbeats is a French multi-language beat sales platform. This offers various subscriptions with all the advantages. There is also a free version, but Allbeats pays a commission for each sale. Still good for beginners!

Where you should start?

Our recommendation is Beatstars.com because of the user friendly interface, community, possibilities and prices.

But the most important thing about selling beats is that you constantly create new beats and share them on all platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Insta, Tiktok, Soundcloud) so that your sound reaches people. Feedback and organic traffic really helps you to grow. Ultimately, you want to be found everywhere on the internet. We hope you have a good overview on where to sell beats online and can take value for yourself. If you have any other great ideas or questions let us know in the comment section.

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