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1. January 2021| Type Beat Artwork
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11 tips to market yourself as a beat producer and sell beats online

Want to sell beats online? Do you want to become better known as a beat producer? Do you need more attention as a musician? Are too few people talking about your band? Then this article is just right for you, because here you will learn the 11 hottest tips to become more famous and successful as a beat producer and sell beats online more frequently.

The 11 hottest tips to become more famous as a beat producer 

Now that the days are finally getting warmer, here come the 11 hottest tips to become more famous as a beat producer. Learn how to get yourself and your beats more in the spotlight here. And of course, these are also a lot of valuable tips for musicians and bands to pull out.

1. Create logo

Just like with a band, creating a logo or avatar should be at the top of the todo list. It can be a bit fancy, but the avatar or logo *must* remain readable. It doesn’t help if you use the most blatant font, for which every graffiti sprayer would envy you, if no one can read who you are. You should also use this logo or avatar exclusively on every page, every social media service – just everywhere. The more visible the logo becomes on the Internet, the more likely it is that others will remember it.

2. Website as homebase

In the band website series you can learn everything you need to know about why it’s so important to have your own website. Even though we always cite a band there – the same goes for beat producers, hip-hoppers, solo musicians and other music projects, of course. You need a central point of contact to intercept all your potential fans. And nowhere is that easier and more self-determined than on your own website, where you are the one who sets the rules.

3. Networking

This is the point that most beat producers unfortunately get wrong. Who’s going to buy your beats if you don’t know anyone who needs beats? Exactly. No one. That’s why it’s important to get in touch with the people who might need your beats. If you’re a hip hop producer, frequent the venues in your city. Go to the open mic events, talk to the MCs and offer them your beats for example (don’t forget to always have a CD with them).

4. Social media

Social media is networking with an increased radius of action – the entire Internet. Be present on every social media portal (always with the same logo) and communicate with the other beat producers and MCs there. Join relevant groups (preferably with fans of your music genre) and present your techno beats there. Network all your social media profiles with each other so that interested people can learn more about you. Even better, link the social media profiles directly to your website. When new platforms open up, sign up there right away, because that often gives you an advantage over the others that come later.

5. Forums

Get active in relevant forums. There are trillions of forums that deal with music, various music styles, making music and producing beats. You can exchange ideas with like-minded people there and get tips from them as well as share your tips. You can also get criticism on your music there and learn from it. Networking on the forums also helps you become better known as a beat producer and at the same time meet a lot of people who may develop an interest in your beats.

6. Beat Battles

In many forums, social media platforms and simply where like-minded beat producers meet, so-called Beat Battles are held. Take part in these. This has numerous advantages. On the one hand, you automatically get to know other producers who like the same style of music. You get criticism from a competent side, which is otherwise difficult to get. If you even manage to deliver good work at such beat battles, you will sometimes even find interested parties who will buy your beats or at least want to collaborate with you.

7. Collaborations

If you can somehow arrange it, try to initiate collaborations with other beat producers who are technically better or perhaps already one step further in the music business than you. Here you can learn from them and maybe a good contact will arise from such a collabaration, which will bring you further in your career. If you are a HipHop producer, you can also simply strive for collaborations with the local MCs and rappers. Often, collaborations mean you have to do something for free. That’s not a big deal at first, just make sure it doesn’t become permanent.

8. Beat selling platforms

There are various beat selling platforms where you can sell beats online. It’s best to create a profile on each platform to offer your music there. Don’t forget to always use your own logo to get the best possible branding effect. Such platforms can not only serve you to earn money with your music – they also regulate in the context of contracts and terms and conditions, who may use when which beat in what form. This is a factor that should not be underestimated when collaborating with other artists.

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9. New beats

The world is in constant motion and so should you be as a beat producer who wants to be successful. Produce new beats all the time and release them on the different platforms. It is not always easy to meet the taste of other musicians and it helps to offer a wide range of beats. In addition, you can constantly stay in the conversation on the social media platforms and in the forums. Important: Quantity must not be at the expense of quality. Your beats must always be top. And if you have the feeling that a beat is not good at all, then keep it for yourself and rather put another one online.

10. Pay a famous artist

This tip is a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, it can work. Given good beats and top production, sometimes all you need is a well-known release to get started in the music business. Therefore, you can consider paying a well-known artist to use your beat on their next release.

11. Help others

You can call it karma, compensatory justice, or the law of reciprocity. Even if you don’t really believe that all good (or bad) will be repaid to you at some point. If you want to become more famous, if you want to have more success with your beats, then you should first and foremost be looking to help other musicians, beat producers and artists. You never know when they might be in the situation to return the favor to you.

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